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This collection of Australian feature films aims to be as comprehensive as possible and would be the most complete collection in the world. It ranges from the first narrative feature film ever made THE STORY OF THE KELLY GANG (1906) up until the present day productions. There are almost 10,000 titles in this collection. A feature film is a full length fiction audiovisual production intended for cinematic and/or television release or home video release. In general this applies to feature films, telemovies and telefeatures over 60 mins in duration. Note that there are exceptions, eg very early silent features which were often less than 60 mins long.

The NFSA does not usually hold the copyright for the works in its collection, so clearing the rights to use the material will be up to you.

Terms and conditions apply, and fees are charged for services according to the fee schedule published on the NFSA Website. A quote will be provided before proceeding with any services.


Animation; Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; Bushranger works; Children; Comedy/Novelty; Feature film; Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender; Multicultural; Sex/Erotica; Silent Film; Telemovies; TV Play; Women; Youth/Teenage

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