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The still image collection of well over 100,000 individual images, includes transparencies, negatives, animation cels, glass slides and photographs. Subject matter ranges from publicity shots of individuals and productions to candid behind the scenes images and ads for the local car yard. The glass slide collection dates back to the 1900s with beautiful hand coloured song slides ranging up until the 1980s when advertisements for the cinema were still produced on this medium. Also within this collection is a subset of polaroid images often taken when scouting locations for shooting films or to assist with continuity during production.

The NFSA does not usually hold the copyright for the works in its collection, so clearing the rights to use the material will be up to you.

Terms and conditions apply, and fees are charged for services according to the fee schedule published on the NFSA Website. A quote will be provided before proceeding with any services.


Advertisements/Commerical/Promotional; Documentary; Feature film; Radio; Radio personalities; Television; Television personalities; TV drama series/serial

Glass plate negatives; Photographs

Coverage Spatial


Coverage Temporal


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