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The oral history collection captures the personal histories and narratives, the recollections and the musings of the individual women and men who have been part of Australia's audiovisual history. These recollections may be idiosyncratic, flawed or amazingly precise, but in all instances they provide a personal, first hand view of a past that may be otherwise completely lost to future generations. In-depth interviews which focus on a person's life or career, or an organisation's history or activities or part thereof. Oral history interviews are generally conducted for historical research or documentation purposes. Personal memoirs or reminiscences may also be included in an oral history interview. Nearly 4,000 individual oral histories are held in the collection from 1930's to present day.

The NFSA does not usually hold the copyright for the works in its collection, so clearing the rights to use the material will be up to you.

Terms and conditions apply, and fees are charged for services according to the fee schedule published on the NFSA Website. A quote will be provided before proceeding with any services.


Biography; Film history; Film making; Music industry; Music, Jazz; Oral histories; Radio; Radio broadcasting; Radio personalities; Sound recording industry; Television; Television broadcasting

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