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The Australian Jazz Archive collection has been developed in partnership with state based volunteer Jazz archives and features published recordings of Australian jazz bands and musicians complemented by unpublished recordings, and personal collections from musicians and enthusiasts. The collections stengths include live performances recorded at jazz festivals and conventions and strong coverage of significant individuals from the post war era of Australian jazz. Comprises oral histories, interviews, recorded sound on disc, audio tape, cassette, books, booklets, flyers, photographs, and homemovies with over 6,000 carriers dating from the 1920s until present day.

The NFSA does not usually hold the copyright for the works in its collection, so clearing the rights to use the material will be up to you.

Terms and conditions apply, and fees are charged for services according to the fee schedule published on the NFSA Website. A quote will be provided before proceeding with any services.


Interviews; Music, Jazz; Oral History; Sound recording, published; Sound recording, unpublished

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