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Tujuan collection



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An Indonesian perahu lambo trading/fishing boat built c.1940 from Bonerate, Indonesia. Together with the vessel is a collection of over 480 objects relating to and collected from onboard the vessel when it was acquired.

Objects include those related to fishing technology such as a long line for shark fishing, shark hooks, harpoon, wooden fishing reels, wood working/boat building tools (adze, parang etc.), wooden canoe paddles and miscellaneous accoutrements necessary to the workings of an Indonesian fishing and trading vessel.


1940s; Australian Fishing Zone (AFZ); Boat building tools; Indonesian fishermen; Indonesian trading vessel; Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Australia and Indonesia with regarding to traditional fishing; Perahu lambo; Prahu; Prau; Proa; Shark fishing; Shark hooks; Traditional boat

Diving equipment

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Australia; Indonesia; Bonerate.

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