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Contains souvenirs relating to Australia's cadet corps.

SERIES 1: General Material, 1900 - . Description: The series contains souvenirs relating to the different cadets organisations throughout Australia's history.

Australia has had a number of different cadet organisations throughout its history. School cadets date from the establishment of a unit at St Mark's Collegiate School, NSW in 1866, and by 1870 there were 200 cadets in schools in New South Wales. On 16th July 1906, the Commonwealth Cadet Corps was raised which united the corps established separately by the states. In 1910 the Defence Act included the Corps in the provisions for Universal Military Training. In this scheme, service in the Junior Cadets was made obligatory for all medically fit boys between the ages of 14 and 18 years. Universal Military Training was suspended in 1929 and cadets were divided into two categories for the purposes of organisation and training: a. Regimental detachments affiliated with units of the Militia forces. b. Detachments that were generally school-based and not affiliated with Militia units, and did not receive Army assistance. In 1939 permanent army staff were withdrawn from the militia for the war effort, and regimental detachments were abandoned. School based units continued to function but with difficulties caused by staff and equipment shortages. In 1941 cadet units began to receive more Army support, conditions of service improved and equipment became more plentiful. By May 1946 cadet activities were paid for by the Army. Between 1949-51 affiliations between cadet units and Citizen Military Forces were developed and the title of 'Australian Cadet Corps' (ACC) was officially adopted. Cadet Brigades with regular army staff were established and remained in operation until the mid seventies when the Cadet Corps was disbanded by the Whitlam Government. The Corps was reinstated in 1976 as the Australian Services Cadet Scheme, but with the units becoming the responsibility of the community rather than schools and with a downscaling of military-like training. Navy Cadets: The Australian Navy Cadets (formerly known as the Naval Reserve Cadets) were recognised under the Naval Defence Act of 1910. Until 1973 they were known as the Australian Sea Cadet Corps and were jointly administered by the Navy League of Australia and the Royal Australian Navy. However, in 1973 the RAN assumed full control of the Corps, renaming it the Naval Reserve Cadets, and in 2001 the NRC was given its current title: the Australian Navy Cadets (ANC). Modern Cadets: Since the 2001 Government review, ""Cadets: The Future"", Australia now has a collective organisation known as the Australian Defence Force Cadets, with three arms consisting of the Australian Navy Cadets, the Australian Army Cadets and the Australian Air Force Cadets.

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