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Contains a variety of material associated with collecting money in Australia for many different causes during and after war. Among the beneficiaries of these efforts were wounded soldiers and their dependants, prisoners of war and civilians in countries other than Australia.

SERIES 1: Appeals, 1914-1948; SERIES 2 : Collector's badges for local appeals, 1914-1918; SERIES 3: Fundraising days and events, 1915-1946; SERIES 4: Patriotic groups,1916-1945; SERIES 5: Funds,1915-1990

During the First World War, 1914-1918, a vast array of benevolent societies and privately run patriotic funds and charities were formed to raise money from the public to help support Australia's allies and its soldiers. Patriotic leagues and societies and other groups organised many different fund raising efforts, including raffles and lotteries, special days like ""Win the War Day"" and ""Allies Day"". Money and in some cases goods, like food, vehicles and whole buildings were donated by all members of society. These activities raised vast sums of money, estimated at in 1921 as being at least 12,121,872 pounds. These private funds filled an important gap by providing the troops with warm clothing and comforts packages, by supervising the care and rehabilitation of returned soldiers and by raising relief funds for civilian wartime victims in Allied Europe. Post war, funds were required for the erection of memorials, the care and upkeep of war graves in Australia and to assist returned war veterans.

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