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Collection of black and white photographs and postcards of Memorials raised in response to the Boer War and First World War to commemorate the sacrifice of local and national communities.

Album 1. Description: Unknown Australian memorials, Belgian Memorials.; Album 2. Description: Canada, Ceylon, China, Egypt, Eire, France.; Album 3 . Description: France (cont.), Germany,Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Kenya, Malaya, New Foundland .; Album 4. Description: Australia: New South Wales, A - E.; Album 5 . Description: Australia: New South Wales, E - P.; Album 6 . Description: Australia: New South Wales, P - Y.; Album 7. Description: New Zealand.; Album 8. Description: Norfolk Island, Australia: Northern Territory, Australia: Queensland, Singapore, South Africa.; Album 9. Description: Australia: South Australia, Australia: Tasmania.; Albums 10 - 18. Description: England, A - Y.; Album 19. Description: Isle, of Man, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Scotland A - D.; Album 20. Description: Scotland, E - I.; Album 21. Description: Scotland, K - W.; Album 22. Description: Wales, America, Australia: Victoria A - B.; Album 23,24,25,26. Description: Australia: Victoria, B - V.; Album 27. Description: Australia: Victoria, W - Y, Australia: Western Australia.

The collection was begun by Mr W.G. Fortman. At some point the collection was in the possession of the Brunswick Returned Sailors and Soldiers' Imperial League of Australia (R.S.S.I.L.A). Later, the collection was handed to the Memorial, date unknown. Mr W.G. Fortman, of Tinning Street, Brunswick, Victoria began collecting photographic postcards of war memorials in Australia and overseas. By 1931 he had 650 postcards in his collection. Articles in local newspapers brought public attention to his hobby and people from all over Australia and overseas began to send him postcards for his collection. By 1934 he had 1206 postcards. By the time Mr Fortman ceased collecting he held 1273 postcards of war memorials throughout the world.

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