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Contains a selection of 235 certificates, scrolls, rolls of honor and nominal rolls which were issued for service in the armed forces and assorted private and philanthropic organisations.

SERIES 1: Certificates and Scrolls, 1885-1977 (170) Description: This series contains a variety of certificates: formal documents which attest to a fact, a level of achievement or fulfillment of requirements, and scrolls: which are designed to imitate a roll of parchment and fulfil the same function as a certificate. SERIES 2: Nominal Rolls, Rolls of Honor and Commemorative Rolls, 1900-1994(66). Description: This series contains a variety of nominal rolls: which list the names of those who saw active service with the Australian military forces;rolls of honor: which list the names of people who died as a direct result of active service with Australian military forces andcommemorative rolls: which list the names of those Australians who died during or as a result of wars in which Australians served but who were not serving in the Australian Armed Forces and therefore not eligible for inclusion on the Roll of Honour. Commemorative rolls include those Australians who died while members of Allied Forces, the Merchant Navy, philanthropic organisations attached to the forces, or as war correspondents or photographers.

Certificate is the generic term given to a document which certifies a fact or set of facts. This collection contains a variety of certificates, including commemorative nominal rolls and rolls of honour which list the names of those who served in particular units or from particular towns and geographic areas as well as official certificates issued by federal and state government bodies including: local councils, districts, cities and shires commemorating the service of individuals and the the issue of honors and awards. The physical form of the certificates in this collection varies from handwritten and handdrawn, to typed or professionally printed. Many of the certificates have specific information eg. the name of the recipient, completed individually by hand. Many certificates are signed on behalf of the authorizing body and may also bear its seal, logo or other identifying device. Some certificates are designed to impress and/or be displayed. Such certificates incorporate impressive graphic features, including copperplate script, pictorial and decorative borders and strong use of color along with decorative artworks.

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