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A collection of approximately 200 items including paintings, lithographs, photographs, books, pamphlets, hymnals, medallions, ships plans and models relating to missionary activity in the Indian and Pacific Oceans from the arrival of the London Missionary Society in the late 1790s through to the mid-1950s.

Heavily influenced by the Pacific voyages of Cook and other European explorers and the published accounts of sailors, scientists and gentlemen explorers European missionary activity in the Pacific began to steadily increase in the closing years of the 18th century with the arrival of Protestant missionaries from the London Missionary Society (LMS) in Tahiti on board the Missionary vessel DUFF in March 1797. The origins of the London Missionary Society and other missionary societies such as The American Board for the Commissioners of Foreign Missions, the Wesleyan Missionary Society and other lesser known missionary societies such as The Church Missionary Society and the Methodist Missionary Society lie in the late 18th century revival of Protestant Evangelism and the development of the Congregationalist movement in England and the United States of America. Not to be outdone by the Protestants, Catholic missionary activity in the Pacific Ocean commenced around the same time with religious orders such as the Jesuits, Marists and Capuchins establishing rival mission stations often in the same archipelago. The collection contains an eclectic range of material including a share certificate for the missionary ship MORNING STAR, several illustrations of the death of John Williams from the L.M.S., a large charcoal drawing of a gospel ship and photographs of Catholic missionaries in the Solomon Islands and PNG.

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1794-1960; Catholicism; Mission churches; Missionaries; Protestantism; Religion; Shipping

Explorers; Missions

Lithographs; Paintings; Photographs

London Missionary Society

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Melanesia; Pacific Ocean; Fiji; Polynesia; Tonga; United States; Great Britain; Taiti; Australia

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