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The ANMM has just over 10 examples of kayaks, canoes and surf skis, ranging from 2007/2008 trans-Tasman expedition boats LOT 41 and Andrew McAuley's solo sea kayak, a 1930s Depression era home-made canvas canoe, and a range of 1950s wooden chine hulled surf skis and accessories.

The glory of success and tragedy of failure are highlighted with the two contrasting trans-Tasman extreme endurance kayaks, two rival Australian projects that challenged to be first to complete a Tasman sea crossing, creating worldwide interest in 2007 and 2008. Recreational paddling has always been a strong social pastime in Australia and many canoes were amateur built by enthusiasts and families for their own use. The surf ski is an Australian developed type from the early 1900s that is now used worldwide, with a gradual evolution from a simple wooden box section, through to curved plywood panels and finally into mass-produced fibreglass craft.

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Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Australia; Tasman Sea

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