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The ANMM collection of nine historic powercraft is a diverse group of largely wooden construction recreational and racing craft. Highlights include the world's fastest boat, jet-powered SPIRIT OF AUSTRALIA (1974), the 1913/14 EC Griffith Cup winning multi-stepped hydroplane NAUTILUS II, Hammondcraft clinker ski boat SKI-BYE (1954), 1930s Depression era speedboat MYSTERY and clinker built 'putt-putt' motor launch NEVER FAIL (1946), used for fishing and trips around Sydney Harbour NSW.

Australia has developed a strong representation in local and international power craft since motors were introduced to vessels to replace steam in the late 1890s. The EC Griffith Cup (1911) is one the longest established powerboat championships in the world. Australia has set many world speed records in different classes, and has held the outright world speed record since 1987. Individual types of craft have been developed in Australia for the recreational market including the clinker-ski boat of the 1940s to 1960s, and the petrol-motor' putt putt' launch that evolved from the early days of power has given many people an opportunity to enjoy boating activities.

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1912-1961; Boat building; Boating; Speedboats

Motor boats

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Port Phillip, Victoria; Sydney Harbour, New South Wales

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