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The museum's collection of weapons, arms and armament numbers about 350.

This range of weaponry covers artefacts raised from 17th century Dutch shipwrecks (BATAVIA and ZEEWIJK) off the coast of Western Australia through to anti-submarine and surface to air missiles (Ikara, Tartar, Seacat) of the Royal Australian Navy. Rifles, pistols and revolvers in the collection relate primarily to personal safety at sea. There are 200 musket balls and dozens of cannon balls recovered from Dutch and British shipwrecks; and a signal cannon from the Troubridge Shoals lighthouse in South Australia that was used primarily as an aid to mariners during fog when the light itself was obscured. Twentieth century naval armament includes Bofors anti-aircraft guns, anti-submarine mortars, 12"""" shells, and torpedoes. The former Daring class destroyer HMAS VAMPIRE's main armament was its 4.5"""" mountings - still on the ship today. The museum also has a fine collection of naval daggers, dirks and ceremonial swords dating to the 19th and 20th centuries.

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17th-20th century; Antiaircraft guns; Cannonballs; Mines (explosive weapons); Missiles; Mortars (artillery); Pistols; Revolvers; Rifles (artillery); Swords, ceremonial; Torpedoes; Warfare



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Sydney Heads, New South Wales, Australia; Australia; The Netherlands

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