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A collection of seven operational vessels from the National Maritime Collection representing different vessel types from 1888 through to 1975. They include the racing yacht AKARANA, cruising yacht KATHLEEN GILLETT, couta boat THISTLE, pearling lugger JOHN LOUIS, 1970s refugee boat TU DO, lightship CLS2 CARPENTARIA and naval patrol boat HMAS ADVANCE. The collection covers both wooden and metal construction.

The ANMM collection of historic operational vessels includes principal examples of their type and era, and they all have considerable original or 'restored to original' integrity. They also relate to strong social stories surrounding the people who built them and used them, and for each vessel all their points of significance have a direct connection to Australian maritime heritage. The couta boat and pearling lugger are types of working craft unique to Australia. All craft are displayed and maintained as close as possible to their historic configuration, and most remain in use on Sydney Harbour for regattas, events or other occasions.

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1888-1975; Fishing; Maritime heritage; Metal boats; Pearling; Sea transport; Wooden boats

Boats; Fishing boats; Naval ships; Sailing boats; Tugboats; Yachts

Sailing; Water transport

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