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A collection of 72 charts and atlases mainly relating to the Asia-Pacific region illustrating the changing state of geographical knowledge of the region over 200 years from the late 16th century. The collection includes examples of James Cook's surveys of Newfoundland prior to the ENDEAVOUR voyage as well as works relating to explorers such as La Perouse, D'Entrecasteaux, Freycinet and Flinders

Essential records of the world's navigable waterways and painstakingly refined over time, charts are sea maps used by mariners to voyage safely wherever they wish to go. This collection of charts highlights the evolution of European knowledge and understanding of the Asia-Pacific region and encapsulates significant milestones in defining Australia such as Abraham Ortelius' 'Americae Sive Novi Orbis' which depicts Terra Australis as an amorphous landmass joined to New Guinea, and Cook's chart of the east coast which largely completed the outline of Australia. Charts represented strategic knowledge which could be put to political and commercial advantage. As a result they were often carefully guarded by authorities intent on maintaining an advantage over their rivals.

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1590-1885; Navigation charts; Printing; Surveying; Trade

Bruny D'Entrecasteaux; James Cook; Jean-Francois La Perouse; Louis-Claude Freycinet; Mathew Flinders

Explorartion; Explorers; Navigation

Navigational charts

Coverage Spatial

Australia; Asia; Pacific; World; Newfoundland

Coverage Temporal



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