Navigation instrument collection

Navigation instrument collection




A collection of instruments and equipment relating to maritime navigation spanning 386 years, ranging from sounding leads associated with the 17th century Dutch exploration of Australia to electronic calculators used by Kay Cottee during her 1988 circumnavigation of the world aboard the yacht BLACKMORES FIRST LADY.

The navigation instrument collection currently contains some 77 objects, including quadrants, sextants, compasses, barometers, logs, telescopes, globes, dividers, chronometers and plotting instruments. The collection represents the significant advances made in navigation technology over four centuries as mariners grappled with, and overcame, the problem of accurately defining position at sea.

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1602-1988; Maritime history; Navigation instruments; Quadrants; Sextants

Kay Cottee

Navigation; Sailing; Water transport

Navigational intruments

Coverage Spatial

Oceania; United Kingdom

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