The Reverend John Percy Money collection: Collingwood Bay, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea, 1901-1910



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This comprehensive collection includes over 900 ethnographic and archaeological artefacts from the Collingwood Bay area. The value of the collection is significantly enhanced by the field notes and photographs (Money donated his glass plate negatives to the Museum) documenting the environment, people and their customs. Money’s collection provides an insight into the everyday as well as ceremonial life of Collingwood Bay people in the early 20th century.

Money was an Anglican missionary, who worked in the Collingwood Bay area from 1901 to 1910. Responsible for the management of mission stations in Angela and Umiak, Money travelled extensively along Collingwood Bay and made visits to numerous villages. He developed a close relationship with the local people and showed genuine interest in their culture, intending to preserve it by collecting artefacts and recording cultural traits. Money demonstrated a keen interest in languages, journalism, archaeology, photography and architecture, reflected in his collection and related documentation.


Early 20th century; Indigenous artefacts; Melanesian Culture

Glass plate negatives; Photographs

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Collingwood Bay, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea

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