Mr John Copp Collection, Pacific artefacts, late 19th century



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During 1889-1890, Mr John Copp donated to and exchanged with the Australian Museum a collection of 27 mainly Pacific artefacts. The collection is comprised of various objects common in pacific culture.

During 1889-1890, Mr John Copp, a Chemist from Darlington Sydney, donated to and exchanged with the Australian Museum a collection of 27 artefacts from the Pacific. This includes Fiji, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Samoa, as well as India.

Objects within the collection include a bark cloth, drum, axe, dagger, headrest, basket, bucket, hook, strainer and plate. There are also items related to kava, the drink commonly consumed within the Pacific region. This includes a kava bowl, kava cup, and 12 pieces of dried kava root. Other objects of interest include a wooden headrest, known as a kalimasi, which enabled elaborate hairstyles to remain in place while sleeping. Also, a wooden hook which, according to the Australian Museum register, was used in olden times for human flesh.


Indigenous artefacts; Late 19th century; Melanesian Culture; Pacific Island Culture

Tapas cloths; Weapons

Coverage Spatial

India; Samoa; Papua New Guinea; New Caledonia; Vanuatu; New Caledonia; Fiji; Malaysia

Coverage Temporal




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