The Anatole von Hugel Collection: Fiji, 1875-77



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A collection of 78 Fijian artefacts including clubs, plates, arrows, clothes, bowls and seven stone adzes from Fiji and Samoa collected in the late 19th Century.

From 1874 to 1878 Baron Anatole von Hugel collected natural history specimens in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, and Java. In 1875-1877 he lived in Fiji for 18 months and became an authority on the country, after lengthy travels in the practically unknown interior of Viti Levu to record the original Fijian culture before British colonisation. In 1883 von Hugel became the first curator of the University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, a position he held until 1921.

Von Hugel (1854-1928) collected numerous artefacts whilst in Fiji and in 1878 the Australian Museum acquired from him seven stone adzes from Fiji and Samoa. In 1885 and 1888 the museum acquired from him a collection of 71 Fijian artefacts which included clubs, plates, arrows, clothes and bowls.

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Arrows; Bowls; Clothing; Clubs; Indigenous artefacts; Plates; Stone adzes

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Fiji, Viti Levu; Samoa

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