The Morton Allport Zoological & Natural History Collection




Acollection of books, letters, sketches and specimens relating Morton Allport's (1830-1878) interests in the flora and fauna of Australia 1860-1878.

By the 1860s Morton Allport was a Fellow of the Linnean and Zoological Societies and of the Royal Colonial Institute in London and had a keeninterest in the flora and fauna of Australia. He was also a leading figure in introducing salmon and other European fish into Tasmania and this is a collection of books, letters, sketches and specimens relating to these subjects. This collection includes a collection of specimens of Tasmanian mosses, mounted according to variety, in a 94 leaf leather-bound volume. Acclimatisation Society of Tasmania manuscript correspondence from 1860-1878 and addressed variously to Sir John Abbott, Sir Robert Officer. Drafts of letters and articles by Morton Allport and papers and cuttings sent to Morton Allport by Tayside Fisheries in Scotland. There are also a number of reports on the introduction of Salmon and perch into Tasmania and net-fishing in the Derwent River, Hobart.

This collection contains significant letters, specimens and manuscripts relating to natural history in Colonial Australia.

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Animal structure and function; Aquaculture; Classification; Colonies; Fishing industry; Fishing Nets; Imperialism; Plant structure and function; Primary Industry; Science

Morton Allport; Sir John Abbott Robert Officer

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Tasmania, Australia; London, UK

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