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The Australian Computer Museum Society in Sydney collects and preserves artefacts relevant to the History of Computing in Australia. Significant items include: an Alpha Micro, Amstrad, Apple, Automatic Totalisators Limited, AWA; Bailey Controls, Blackwell's Metallurgical Works; Daewoo, Data General, Dick Smith, Digital Electronics (Australia); General Robotics, Geostar; Labtam, Lanier, Liberty; Olivetti, ONYX, Osborne; working 551 Dual Beam Oscilloscope; and a Jumbo, Microvax II, ex-INCITEC Newcastle.

This collection is significant for the role it played in the history of Australian computing.

Please contact the Australian Computer Society

Please contact the Australian Computer Society


Amstrad; Apple; Automatic Totalisators Limited; AWA; Bailey; Blackwell's Metallurgical Works; Daewoo; Dick Smith; Digital Electronics (Australia); General Robotics; Geostar; INCITEC; Labtam; Lanier; Liberty; Olivetti; ONYX; Osborne

Computer sciences; Computers; Data storage; Digital technology; Information technology

Scientific inquiry

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Newcastle, New, South, Wales, Australia

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