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Films that consider an existence different to present reality, whether loosely based on science or completely made-up, fantastic worlds.

743 titles constitute the Fantasy and Science Fiction Collection, accessible in VHS, DVD and Film. Both Science Fiction and Fantasy genres in film are characterised as being speculative; portraying an existence different to the current reality, usually given advances of a scientific or technological nature for science fiction or even a different world altogether, as is the case with Fantasy films. The genre also often explores the effect on the human condition within these fantastic or futuristic worlds.

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20th Century | 21st Century; Extraterrestrial Beings; Fantasy; Fantasy and Science Fiction - Genre; Feature films; Science Fiction - Literature; Science Fiction Films; Short Films; Time Travel in Motion Pictures

Digital Versatile Disk; Movie film; Video recordings; Videotapes

Dystopian Fiction; Fantasy; Fantasy Films; Films; Science fiction; Science Fiction Films; Short Films

Fantasy in art; Fictitious beings; Films; Legendary creatures; Mythical beings; Science - technology; Spacecraft; Spacesuits

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