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A wide collection of films that respresent 20th century moving image drama.

The Drama Collection at ACMI consists of 1,166 titles across film, DVD and VHS formats and encompasses the breadth of drama as represented in the moving image throughout the 20th Century. While 'Drama' is a broad term, it is usually exemplified by the realistic depiction of characters at some crucial point in their lives, whether the premise is based on a real or fictional story. Some sub-genres represented are dramatisations of true stories, period dramas, relationship dramas, political, law-based, romantic and melodrama.

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20th Century | 21st Century; Betrayal - Drama; Drama; Drama - Adaptations; English Drama; Feature films; Greek Drama; Melodrama; Police Films; Psychodrama; Religious Films; Short Films; Trials - Drama

Digital Versatile Disk; Movie film; Video recordings; Videotapes

Drama; Drama genres; English Drama; Epic drama; Feminist drama; Films; Historical drama; Literature; Medieval drama; Melodrama; Short Films; Soap Opera; Tragedy

Fictitious beings; Film productions; Films; Melodramas; Theatrical productions

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