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A collection of iconic film noir titles, including post 1960s titles, laden with the influences of the genre made popular since the 1940s.

The development of this genre is mapped by the 836 titles in ACMI's Film Noir Collection. Influenced by German Expressionism, 'Film Noir' is mostly encapsulated by the American thrillers of the 1940s-1960s. This includes films released since that may have been heavily influenced by this evocative genre around the world, such as the more modern stylings by Australian filmmakers Bill Bennett and Alex Proyas.

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20th century; American literature - adaptations; Crime; Crime Passionel; Detective and Mystery Films; Espionage; Feature films; Film Noir; Gangster Films; Murder; Police Films; Psychodrama; Short Films

Crime; Criminals; Films; Homicides; Police detectives

Crime; Criminals; Detective; Espionage; Film Noir; Films; Police; Short Films

Digital Versatile Disk; Movie film; Video recordings; Videotapes

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