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The Experimental Films Collection contains a variety of experimental genre film art from established moving image artists to student films, both local and international.

Containing 878 titles, the Experimental Films Collection is a comprehensive study of Experimental Film throughout the 20th Century. Starting with the 'Trick' films of the early part of the century, moving into Avant Garde Film and the work of artists such as Len Lye and Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, right through to the emerging artists of the 21st Century, this Collection tracks the development of this movement, through film, VHS and DVD. Some of these works have also featured in an installation context in contemporary exhibitions at ACMI.

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20th Century | 21st Century; Animation; Digital Art; Experimental; Feature films; Short Films; Student Films

Art; Films; Ideas & concepts; Modern Art

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill; Jem Cohen; Len Lye; Maya Deren; National Film Board of Canada; Peter Tscherkassy; Sadie Benning; Shaun Gladwell; Ubu Films

Digital Versatile Disk; Movie film; Video recordings; Videotapes

Documentaries; Experimental films; Interactive art; Media installations; Short Films; Video Art; Video clips; Visual arts

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