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An extensive range of features and shorts, including claymation, stop motion, computer generated and puppetry animation methods.

From the work of Georges Melies in the early 1900s to the work of Disney and Tim Burton, this collection covers a wide range of animators and animation techniques, in both short and feature formats. As well as the animated films component of this collection, there are also conversations and Master-classes with prominent animators. This amounts to around 3,700 titles, available both in film and analogue media.

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20th Century | 21st Century; Computer Animation l Animated films l Animators l Clay Animation l Pixillation Animation l Puppet Animation l Silhouette Animation l Abstract Animation l Cutout Animation l Hand-drawn Animation l Anime

Animated films; Film-making; Films

Animation l Anime; Film making

Digital Versatile Disk; Movie film; Video recordings; Videotapes

Walt Disney Studios l RMIT l Adam Elliot l Victorian College of the Arts l National Film Board of Canada l Pixar Animation Studios l Studio Ghibli

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