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A collection of user generated stories and first person accounts of what it was like to represent Australia during the various wars Australia participated in during the 20th century, told through the use of multimedia tools. Contributors have combined material from their own personal archives of audio visual material (photographs, video footage, text, music and sound) to produce a 3-4 minute personal story which they have then narrated. Around 80 short films have been created since 1993 as part of the Digital Storytelling program at ACMI.

Australia has been involved in a number of conflicts since Federation. Australia's national identity has been strongly influenced by both this involvement and the international relationships that these conflicts have generated. The wars in which Australia has been involved have also shaped some dramatic social changes over the last century. These stories provide some personal reflections on and insights into the experience of war and the attitudes of Australians to those conflicts.

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Achievement; Australian culture; Communities; Domestic war effort; Film making; Military service; Personal histories; Social history; Society; Storytelling; War; War veterans

Australia - War; Biographies; Identity; Moving Image; Storytelling; Veterans

Cultural identities; Home front; Returned servicepeople; Wars

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Victoria, Australia; Australia

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