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A collection of user generated stories and interviews with people about their relationship to their communities told through the use of multimedia tools. Contributors have combined material from their own personal archives of audio visual material (photographs, video footage, text, music and sound) to produce a 3-4 minute personal story which they have then narrated. Created as part of ACMI's Digital Storytelling program and ACMI in the Regions. This collection contains approximately 50 titles and dates from 2001.

This collection explores a number of aspects of community, including what makes a healthy community. Who is included and who is excluded from particular community groups? The resilience of communities in crisis and the stories of those who have moved from one community to another are explored .

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Achievement; Australian culture; Communities; Film making; Personal histories; Social history; Society; Storytelling

Biographies; Community; Moving Image; Storytelling

Cultural identities

Coverage Spatial

Australia; Victoria, Australia

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