The Power of Stories

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A collection of personal and community stories, about participant's lives and that of those around them, told through the use of multimedia tools. Contributors have combined material from their own personal archives of audio visual material (photographs, video footage, text, music and sound) to produce a 3-4 minute personal story which they have then narrated. This collection contains approximately 50 titles and dates from 2001.

For millennia, people have gathered around the campfire to share stories. They have entertained, shaped our identities, helped us make sense of the world and reinforced our cultural values. The invention of written script and the technology of printing then enabled us to record stories. These are very personal stories compiled by the storyteller and retold in a new way through the moving image.

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Achievement; Australian culture; Communities; Film making; Personal histories; Social history; Society; Storytelling

Biographies; Community; Moving Image; Storytelling

Cultural identities

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Victoria, Australia; Australia

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