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A collection of personal and community stories told through the use of multimedia tools. Contributors have combined material from their own personal archives of audio visual material (photographs, video footage, text, music and sound) to produce a 3-4 minute personal story which they have then narrated. There are currently around 1200 titles in the collection, however this number will increase by around 50-100 a year as Digital Storytelling has continued to be a popular program at ACMI since it started in 2003.

A hundred years after cinema began the means of telling stories through moving pictures and sound is within reach of the next generation as an everyday language. Relatively recently we have seen the growth of the independent and the personal storytelling achievements of individuals. This growth of individual 'moviemaking' about personal memories and community stories is at the heart of this growing collection of Victorian stories. This collection inspires increased social and educational development through an understanding of individuals and their stories that go to make up Victoria's diverse communities. ACMI's systematised collecting of these new stories will provide a unique source of material for reflection and learning and builds the heritage collection of the future. Themes explored include: The Power of Stories; Community; Change and resilience; Belonging and identity; Ability and disability; Young Australians; Snapshots of Australian History; Conflict: Australians at War; Indigenous Australian Voices. Most of these stories are available on analog formats, ie, VHS and DVD and some are accessible online through ACMI's Generator website. This program started at ACMI in 2003.

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Free access on-site, no inter-state loans. Some works available online.


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