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The Film and Video Literary Adaptations collection comprises over 2000 titles, encompassing VHS, DVD, 16mm and 35mm film. It contains a wide range of feature and short films and television programs that are based on a variety literary/published works adapted for the screen. The collection dates from 1908 to the present day.

The ACMI moving image collection contains a rich resource of titles that have been adapted for the screen from literary/published works. This includes 928 Children's titles, 588 titles from American Literature, 567 titles from English Literature and 197 titles from Australian Literature. This inlcudes Fiction, Biographies, Science Fiction, Fantasies and Plays, all adapted to be realised in the art form of the moving image. Highlights include the BBC productions of Shakespeare's work from the 1970s and 1980s and 'The Sentimental Bloke' from 1919, but the entire gamut of literary adaptations in our collection stem as far back as 1908 right through to the early 2000s.

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Adaptations; BBC productions; Literature; Moving Image; Plays; Shakespeare; The Sentimental Bloke

Adaptations (Writing); American literature; Australian literature; Biographies; Children's literature; DVDs; English literature; Fantasy; Fiction; Films; Literature; Science fiction; Shakespearean drama; Theatre (Arts)


DVDs; Movie film; Video recordings; Videotapes

Films; Literature; Videos

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