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Cheetup excavation



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In 1979 and the early 1980s as part of post-graduate research Museum archaeologist Moya Smith, with members of the Esperance Aboriginal community, undertook archaeological excavations at Cheetup rockshelter in southern Western Australia. Excavations yielded botanical and faunal remains as well as stone tools and was dated from 13,000 BP to 1800s AD.

Cheetup rockshelter yielded remains of the treatment of Macrozamia for consumption dating to c. 13,000 years. This is a rare macroscopic example of late Pleistocene use and preparation of plant foods.

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Aboriginal culture; Aboriginal peoples (Australians); Archaeology; Food; Rock shelters; Stone tools

Aboriginal peoples; Archaeology; Artefacts; Excavations (Archaeology); Indigenous foods; Tools

Aboriginal prehistory; Archaeology; Esperance Aboriginal community; Macrozamia; Moya Smith; Stone tools

Anthropological specimens; Botanical specimens

Moya Smith

Coverage Spatial

Western Australia; Esperance; Cheetup

Coverage Temporal

13000 BP


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