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Toy companies, film producers and authors have long used the world of the Ancient Egyptians as a source for inspiration. Images of mummies, pyramids, sarcophagi and pharaohs have made their way into popular consciousness. This fascination has spawned an array of replicas, reproductions or inspired creations ranging from the sublime to the kitsch. This small, but growing, collection seeks to represent the way we continue to reproduce and consume the real and imagined world of the Ancient Egyptians.

Stories and images of the pyramids, mummies, and pharaohs have echoed through time and through constant telling and re-telling. Museum exhibitions, cinema, television, and literature continually find new ways of keeping the world of the Anceint Egyptians alive. Ancient Egyptian mummies, reflecting long-held religious beliefs about the rebirth of the dead are transformed in popular culture into creatures of horror. This mug is a 'Goosebumps' design from 1996, reflecting a popular series of children's horror fiction


Ancient Egypt; Mummies; Pyramids; Tourist art; Toys

Ancient history; Antiquities; Archaeology; Egyptians; Films; Literature; Replicas; Souvenirs; Television programs

Ancient history; Archaeology; Egyptian history; Films; Literature; Popular culture; Pyramids; Television; Tourism

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