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Laurie Richards Collection




The Laurie Richards Collection consists of approximately 85,000 negatives, mostly large format [5""x 4"" / 12.5 x 10 cm], black and white images, though a significant number are in colour. Most of the images were commissioned for advertising and public relations purposes however they also document, significant changes in Melbourne during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

Laurie Richards was a professional photographer who began his career as a photo-journalist. In 1953, he opened his own business, and set up a photographic studio at his home in Alphington, an inner suburb of Melbourne. The business log books in the collection show that the Laurie Richards Studio thrived from the outset. Laurie Richards' business expanded rapidly and at its peak, in the late 1960s, was one of Melbourne's pre-eminent commercial photographic studios, employing twelve photographers. Laurie Richards worked mainly in advertising and public relations, and had a broad clientele which included commercial companies, government institutions and the entertainment industry. The breadth the subject matter photographed and the diverse businesses which commissioned the work, means the collection provides an invaluable record of Melbourne's commercial and industrial past and social history during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Photographs in the collection feature landmark Melbourne buildings, such as CRA, BHP, Gas ; Fuel, Southern Cross Hotel and Cromwell buildings, in the course of construction or newly completed. They showcase the rapid changes of the city skyline over three decades and capture the 'style' of Melbourne during particular periods. Richards also captured pivotal moments in Melbourne's social history. He was commissioned to take promotional photographs of HSV-7's first television programs, and also photographed the latest domestic products before they hit stores. Other images, such as one of a workman operating a giant paper press at a paper mill, illustrate the social and technological changes which were occurring in Melbourne during this period.In 1991 the Laurie Richards collection, approximately 120,000 negatives, was offered to the Victorian Arts Centre by Henk Rem, one of Laurie's assistants who continued his business after he retired. The Arts Centre retained the images with performing arts content, and the remainder were acquired by Museum Victoria.

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1953-1980; Advertising; Advertising Models; Advertising signs; Aerial Photographs; Aeroplanes; Agricultural shows; Agricultural Workers; Airports; Amusement Parks; Architectural Models; Art Galleries; Assembly Lines; Athletes; Banks; Billboards; Boats; Bridges; Broadcasting; Celebrations; Charities; Children; Children's Play; Christmas; Churches; Cinemas; Classrooms; Clocks; Clothing; Commercial photography; Competitions; Computers; Construction Sites; Construction Workers; Decorations; Department Stores; Disability Organisations; Display Boards; Display Homes; Display Windows; Domestic Appliances; Domestic life; Domestic Technology; Domestic work; Eating & Drinking; Electric Trams; Electrical Appliances; Engineering Works; Entertainment; Exhibitions; Factories; Factory Workers; Fancy Dress Costumes; Fashion; Fashion design; Fashion Industry; Fashion Models; Festivals; Food Workers; Hardware Stores; Hospitals; Hotels; Houses; Industrial design; Industrial Equipment; Infant Welfare; Laboratories; Manufacturing; Manufacturing Workers; Manufacturing Works; Media Personalities; Moomba Festival; Motor cars; Motor Garages; Motor racing; Motor Trucks; Motor Vehicles; Motoring; Musical instruments; Musicians; Occupational health & safety; Offices; Olympic Games: Melbourne, 1956; Packaging; Performances; Performers; Performing arts; Petrochemicals; Pharmacies; Photographic equipment; Photography; Playgrounds; Political Protests; Politicians; Portraits; Presentations; Product Demonstrations; Production Lines; Promotional Models; Protective clothing; Public Art; Public Events; Public Gardens; Radio Stations; Radio Studios; Railway Stations; Recreation Activities; Refineries; Restaurants; Retail Displays; Retail Workers; Retailing; Road Construction; Road transport; Roads; Royal Exhibition Building; Royal Melbourne Show; Rural industry; Rural Landscapes; Sales Representatives; Service Stations; Shopfronts; Shopping Centres; Shops; Showrooms; Signage; Social Functions; Sport; Sporting Clubs; Sporting Competitions; Sports Grounds; Sports Stadiums; Streetscapes; Supermarkets; Television Industry; Television Production; Television stations; Television Studios; Textile Workers; Textiles; Theatres; Theatrical Costumes; Tools; Town Halls; Toys; Trade Exhibitions; Trade Fairs; Trade Shows; Transport Workers; Travel & Tourism; Uniforms; Urban Landscapes; Workers

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