{"key":"adhs","title":"The Allora District and Historical Society","description":"The Allora and District Historical Society Inc. Was first formed in 1969 at the Centenary of Allora township being proclaimed a Municipality. The main object of the Society is to preserve the history of the township for later generations. The Society meets in the old Shire Hall each third Wednesday of the month, at 7.30 p.m and manages a number of Heritage buildings in the area, including the Drayton Street Museum and the Frode & Warwick Street Museum.\r\n","url":"http:\/\/www.allora-and-district-historical-society-inc.com","address_street":"44 Forde Street","address_city":"Allora","address_state":"Queensland","address_postcode":"4362","address_country":"Australia","collections":[{"collection_id":"2849","title":"Allora District and Historical Society Heritage Buildings","url":"http:\/\/museumex.maas.museum\/oai\/adhs\/2849"}]}